Not sorry it’s not COVID

Dear reader,

Is it weird to write a newsletter issue to say that there will be no newsletter issue devoted to ‘Media Buddhi’ this week? I’m plunging on nevertheless.

I’ve battled with ‘maybe COVID’ for a week. I have some of the symptoms of a tough case (breathing difficulty), but the test came back negative early this morning. Phew. (Still, not ruling out a false negative.)

I did have something prepared this week though. I was due to deliver the 16th Braja Mohan Sarma lecture today on ‘Independent Media at a time of Fake News and Polarisation”, and was going to present the text of the lecture here. But the trustees of the trust kindly decided to postpone the lecture last night on account of my health. This leaves me with little prepared material to send here.

There are at least half-a-dozen posts at various stages of completion though, and you can expect regular service to resume next Sunday onwards.

Wish you a great week!