What is this?

A newsletter about how to stay sane and safe in a world of information overload, noise, ‘fake news’, half-truths and propaganda.

Each issue, you get one idea that helps you think through these challenges.

Why call it Media Buddhi?

I use ‘media’ in the widest possible sense to include news, entertainment, information, and communication.

‘Buddhi’ means ‘wise’ or ‘sense’ in multiple languages. I could have called it Media Wise. Or Media Sense. Or Info Buddhi. Or Digital Buddhi. But ‘Media Buddhi’ it is.

Who am I?

My name is H R Venkatesh. I’m a journalist and have been one since 2001. In 2018-19 I was John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University. I was one of the founding editors of The Quint. A Senior Anchor at CNN-IBN (until I had to leave TV news). I’ve been a reporter, anchor, editor, entrepreneur, and consultant. I grew up in Bangalore and now live in New Delhi. I’ve called Pune, Mumbai, Oxford, New York and the Bay Area home.

I work for BOOM, an organization that fights misinformation. Apart from fact-checking, we also do media literacy workshops for all ages.

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Media literacy for BOOM. A journalist: reporter, anchor, editor, entrepreneur, consultant since 2001. Twitter: @hrvenkatesh
I am Producer, Workshops and Training at BOOM FactCheck. Previously, I was Correspondent-Fact Check at The Quint. I did Masters in Journalism from Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune and Bachelor in Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore.
Associate Producer- Workshops & Training
Journalist, psychonaut, techie, runner
Senior Editor