Jan 8 • 45M

10. What Is An 'IT Cell' Really?

I for Identity, Intersectionality, Information Overload, and IT Cells in Episode 10 of Media Buddhi A-Z. Also, we interview Sophie Zhang, Facebook Whistleblower.

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Appears in this episode

H R Venkatesh
Archis Chowdhury
Divya Chandra
A podcast that gives us tools to navigate tricky, polarising questions with our friends, family and community. Each week, Venkatesh, Divya and Archis tackle words from a single letter (such as A for appropriation, allyship, algorithm, anxiety, etc.).
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How should we refer to the problem of information overload? Should we take a health ‘frame’ and speak of ‘information pollution’? We talk through various options.

We also have our second guest on the podcast! Sophie Zhang, a former Facebook employee who turned into a whistleblower talks, us through the term IT Cell: what it means, why living in a world governed by them is dangerous, and how to recognise them.

We round up the episode with a brief reference to two more words starting with I: Identity and Intersectionality.