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8. A No-Confusion Guide To Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

8. A No-Confusion Guide To Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

G for Gender, Gaslighting, Grassroots, And Gatekeeping in Episode 8 of Media Buddhi A-Z.

In this episode, we discuss the following ‘G’ words: Gender, Gaslighting, Gatekeeping and Grassroots.

  • Why Gender, Sex, Sexuality are often confused with each other, and why all three are not binaries. Rather, they’re a spectrum.

  • What is a Grassroots campaign and how is it different from an Astroturf campaign in the world of politics, society, culture and justice.

  • Gaslighting: What it is, and what exactly is political gaslighting.

  • Gatekeeping: When is Gatekeeping a good thing and when it is not.


Book: Read This to Get Smarter: About Race, Class, Gender, Disability, and More by Blair Imani

Article: How politicians manipulate us - Media Buddhi

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