Oct 6, 2022 • 50M

7. What Does Feminism For Men Look Like And What Exactly Is The Difference Between Far-Right, Fascism, Fringe Elements and AntiFa?

F for Fake News, Facts, Feminism, Framing the debate, Far-Right, Far-Left, And Fascism in the seventh episode of Media Buddhi A-Z.

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Appears in this episode

H R Venkatesh
Archis Chowdhury
Divya Chandra
A podcast that gives us tools to navigate tricky, polarising questions with our friends, family and community. Each week, Venkatesh, Divya and Archis tackle words from a single letter (such as A for appropriation, allyship, algorithm, anxiety, etc.).
Episode details

In Episode 7 of the podcast, we discuss ‘F’ terms.

  • Why Fake news is such a terrible term and what’s the difference between fact and truth.

  • Why the run out of England cricketer Charlie Dean by Deepti Sharma gives us two examples of Framing the debate i.e. getting it right.

  • Feminism isn’t just for women alone (in case you didn’t know it).

  • Is there a difference between far-right and far-left? And what about fascism, fringe elements, and AntiFa?

In the next episode, we tackle the letter ‘G’. Do write into us to suggest words and topics to tackle and corrections, if any.

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