Aug 11, 2022 • 37M

5. Demographic Anxiety Leads To Religionized Disinformation + Decolonising Our Minds

D for Delhi, Disinformation, Decisions, Demographic Anxiety, Decolonisation, Dog-whistles in the fifth episode of Media Buddhi A-Z.

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Appears in this episode

H R Venkatesh
Archis Chowdhury
Divya Chandra
A podcast that gives us tools to navigate tricky, polarising questions with our friends, family and community. Each week, Venkatesh, Divya and Archis tackle words from a single letter (such as A for appropriation, allyship, algorithm, anxiety, etc.).
Episode details

In this, Episode 5 of the podcast, we examine five ‘D’ terms: disinformation, decisions, demographic anxiety, decolonising our minds, and dog whistling.

  • We talk about the daily decisions we make (some 35,000 of them) and why that makes us susceptible to disinformation.

  • We discuss why disinformation related to the Muslim population of India is so effective when targeted at Hindus.

  • We look at how the legitimate exercise of decolonising our history has been mixed up with the dangerous project of rewriting our history.

  • We also ask whether India is now past dog-whistle politics, given that we now seem to have open calls for violent action.

As always, do get in touch with us if you want us to discuss new words. In the next episode, we tackle the letter ‘E’.

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