Sep 15, 2022 • 46M

6. 'Extreme Speech' Is A Better Term Than 'Hate Speech'. And Have We Retired 'Eve Teasing' As A Term Yet?

E for Equity-Diversity-Inclusion, Ethics, Extreme Speech and Eve Teasing.

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H R Venkatesh
Archis Chowdhury
Divya Chandra
A podcast that gives us tools to navigate tricky, polarising questions with our friends, family and community. Each week, Venkatesh, Divya and Archis tackle words from a single letter (such as A for appropriation, allyship, algorithm, anxiety, etc.).
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In Episode 6 of the podcast, we discuss four ‘E’ terms and words: equity-diversity-inclusion, ethics, extreme speech, and eve-teasing.

  • We talk about the subtle-but-important difference between equality and equity.

  • The nuances between what is and what is not inclusion.

  • Are ethics a matter following the rules or looking at the context or both? How are ethics in journalism different from the ethics of fact-checking?

  • Why a deep form of subjectivity is sometimes the best kind of objectivity.

  • Why the term extreme speech is better than hate speech. And why it may be time to stop using the term toxic masculinity and use another term.

  • What is the problem with the term eve teasing? What is difference between sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault?

In the next episode, we tackle the letter ‘F’. Do write into us to suggest words and topics to tackle and corrections, if any.

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