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2. What Does Being A Bhakt Really Mean? And How Does The Idea Of Bakwas Fit Into Our Information Ecosystem?

2. What Does Being A Bhakt Really Mean? And How Does The Idea Of Bakwas Fit Into Our Information Ecosystem?

B for Bakwas, Bullshit), Bhakt, Backfire Effect, Blame, Bias and Big Lie in the second episode of Media Buddhi A-Z.

In this, Episode 2 of the podcast, we examine six words starting with the letter ‘B’: Bakwas (bullshit), Bhakt, Backfire Effect, Blame, Bias and Big Lie. For each word, we provide examples and talk about why there are contentious. In some cases, we simply explain the terms and think about how they are used in the public sphere.

Here are some questions, asked and answered.

  1. Is bakwas or bullshit a legitimate word? How does it differ from lies? We also ask whether it is important to distinguish between bakwas and lies (hint: it isn’t, so long as we learn to understand the difference).

  2. Is a Bhakt the same as a Sanghi? Is it a derogatory term or a label worn proudly? What Dr. B R Ambedkar had to say about being a bhakt.

  3. Why couldn’t Stanford psychology professor Jennifer L. Eberhardt distinguish between white faces as a kid and what does that say about bias?

  4. Is ‘minority appeasement’ a big lie?


Who wrote this about Jawaharlal Nehru in 1937?

“Jawaharlal cannot become a fascist. Yet he has all the makings of a dictator in him — a vast popularity, a strong will directed to a well-defined purpose, energy, pride, organisational capacity, ability, hardness, and, with all his love of the crowd, an intolerance of others and a certain contempt for the weak and the inefficient.”

The answer: Nehru himself! See Show Note 2 for reference.

References and Show Notes

  1. That ‘Bullshit’ video

  2. B R Ambedkar on being a Bhakt

  3. Jennifer L. Eberhardt’s work referenced in this Media Buddhi piece on bias

  4. Kaplan, J., Gimbel, S. & Harris, S. Neural correlates of maintaining one’s political beliefs in the face of counterevidence Sci Rep 6, 39589 (2016).

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